Our Refund and Exchange Policy

• Your purchase does not automatically guarantee a reservation. Your purchase will be confirmed via email within one to two business days. The cancellation fee policy will take effect once you submit your reservation. If your purchase cannot be confirmed for any reason on our end, we will fully refund your purchase without any additional charges. We recommend each customer read and review the cancellation policy and consider purchasing a Travel Insurance policy to protect your investment in the event you cannot attend.

What CAN be Refunded:

• Some tours may require a minimum number of travelers to operate. The affected traveler will be fully refunded or may choose a similar tour product as a substitute. Should this occur, it would be under very rare circumstances because we try our best to accommodate travelers.
• Please note that the product substitute chosen by the traveler may be more expensive than the original product and therefore may be subject to an additional cost.
• Any additional refunds based on extenuating circumstances will depend on the individual tour operator.

What CANNOT be Refunded:

• All hotel and tour schedules are arranged ahead of time. Any person failing to appear on the day of departure will not be refunded.
• No refund will be given for any portions of the tour unused by the traveler after tour departure regardless of circumstances.
• Hotel extensions and Instant Confirmation products (admission tickets, city passes, etc.) cannot be exchanged or refunded once confirmed.

Flexibility Clause

When traveling with BlackGirlFly keep in mind that we seek out the best accommodations and activities for our group. Certain things are in fact beyond our control. This includes the duration of the tour once the group has arrived. Many local factors can contribute to this on the behalf of our vendor. We prepare our itineraries months in advance with best case scenario in mind. In travel, things happen! You must go with the flow and make the best of it. If a tour wasn’t as you’d expect, let us know and we will re-evaluate what the vendor sold our staff and what you, the client, was delivered. Unfortunately, we cannot refund because you wanted more. We can simply steer clear of that vendor if we find ourselves in that city again.

If meals are included, please keep in mind that it is not an American style meal. If you have special requests for your meals (if included in the trip), please specify this prior to making a payment so that we can connect with the lodging manager to arrange this. We are not responsible for bringing the American experience to you while abroad, in fact, we are doing everything BUT that.

Tours need to reach a minimum participant quota in order to remain the original price the vendor has given us. If, for some reason, members drop out of the trip before paying the full amount or selling their space to another member, our tours can be affected. To not transfer the financial burden to other members, we simply reduce the amount of tours. At a minimum, BlackGirlFly, LLC guarantees ONE tour of quality on our group trips. Please keep in mind that we sometimes have to shrink the amount of tours so that it doesn’t financially affect you. BlackGirlFly understands how this can be disappointing and we are working on a way to work around these inconviences.

Our Cancellation Policy

 Please carefully review this prior to agreeing to our trips. Because of our local approach to travel, we book everything through smaller vendors to guarantee our clients receive the most intimate attention from the staff. Doing so, we agree to pay upfront for all services under the condition that it is non-refundable. Because of that, our trips are non-refundable. It is possible to exchange your seat with another group member, but there is a fee of $150.00 to cover any adjustments the vendor has to make. In the event you cannot make the trip and decide against swapping your space, you will be credited the amount you spent toward another BlackGirlFly experience within the calendar year. This is called 365 Reservation.

Amendment Fees:

Any changes made to a reservation after successfully submitting the order online will be subject to a minimum $30.00 Amendment Fee (per change). Reservations will be confirmed within one to two business days. The following constitute as an amendment:

Airport pickup/transfer