BlackGirlFly Payment System

BlackGirlFly uses the payment method of Square Cash/ Cash App to process payments for official BlackGirlFly trips and events. The app is extremely simple and just requires you to have a debit card to pay with it. Why did we opt to use this method of payment? Security, Immediate Payment, and Convenience. Although paypal has been reliable for us, for many of our members it became a hassle to set up an account. In this era, many are looking for quick mobile options that still protect their banking information. Square Cash/Cash App does that for us, with a few extra perks such as less transaction fees and an easier payment system and tracking of payments made. It keeps the history of your payments linked to your name so it keeps our accountant happy!

How do you pay BlackGirlFly?$blackgirlfly¬†. Once you click that link, type in your payment amount, you then enter your debit card number and the message you want to be attached to it, such as Payment #3 for Italy 2018, and you click pay. It’s as simple as that. To use it while mobile, please download the app and follow the same steps.

Need to pay on your already existing trip?$blackgirlfly

Need to pay your deposit to reserve your space on a trip or event?$blackgirlfly