Atlanta Slumber Party – A Weekend Event!

You’ve waited long enough for these details. This weekend is for our bonding, our self-care, our time to rejuvenate, This weekend is more than just hanging out with BGF members in Atlanta. It’s our time to breathe amongst each other. I wanted to create an experience for us. So I sought out catering. I sought out a mobile spa. Now I can release this event to you. Details are below!

Dates: August 25th – 28th 2017

Cost: $500

Spaces Available: 20

What’s included: House lodging (keep in mind, this is a slumber party, so the early you come to reserve your sleeping space the better bed you’ll have!), 30 minute professional massage and facial. and at least two catered meals.

How to buy in: Paypal. Sign into your Paypal account, select send money, select that you are sending it to family or friends, put the amount as $500 and send it to email address

We will also have game night with prizes. A spades throw down! Black Card Revoked! Monopoly! and more!

The lodging will be based on the number of attendees, but it will be a private home with enough space for all.

The registration for this event will close on April 5th 2017.

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